Allie Pink Genealogy
Southern U.S. Ancestral Research

Let 'Allie Pink' solve those family history mysteries for you. We have been searching family
dates and facts in Georgia , Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, North Carolina and Virginia
since 1995. We have done research for institutions and individual clients
in the United States
as far north as New York and  as far west as C
alifornia. We have done international work as
Give us a chance to help you!

"Allie Pink" is known for that personal touch and we have research packages for all budgets.

                                                       "No project is too small"
Real Estate History, Probate and Deed Research
Superior Court Record Research and County Histories
Death Records, Cemetery and Military Records
Access to records on Microfilm, Microfiche, County & Federal
Record Repositories
Allie Pink
Genealogical Research Inc
Allie Pink 1888-1988